Arcasse N°27

Gyverny 4



I remember my first paintings, my passion for 40 years, with emotion; when I realized I could share the way I see the world thanks to this pictorial expression.


At this moment, my work is figurative and oil based.

It evolved with academic courses in Rouen and the support of “l’Ecole d’Etampes”.

Integrating this knowledge to my autodidact experience, I seek a new concept to personalize my graphic design and my prism.

In 1996, driven by the desire to change, I adopt the use of acrylic.

The multiple footprints of materials left by the rollers orchestrate the canvas and structure the space into multiple forms, sometime surprising.

I stand back for interpretation, and decide to turn them into an abstract trait or sometimes figurative.

Abstractions appear, they are my “Arcasses”; they let the viewer imagine the rest of the story…